Game of Thrones – The suspense never dies


It’s been about 2 weeks since the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones has aired on HBO and by now most of you folks should have already caught up with the show. The show still keeps it promises for it is full of surprises and unexpected events. Well unexpected for those who didn’t read the books. If you have been living under a rock, or just simply don’t care about Game of Thrones, here is your chance to learn a little bit more about this mysterious world of Westeros and beyond. Why you ask? Well let’s put it like that…

Take the world, put some people on it. At first they struggle to survive but then they want more. Power, greed, lust and all sins imaginable to man. Throw in some spicy territorial wars, some natural calamities, some religious clash and of course some greedy, power thirsty politicians and you get… Westeros, the fictional world on which the Game of Thrones is based on! The world we live in TODAY!


To make it more appealing, add some finely chopped mystery with a pinch of fantasy and magic and you get the perfect dish mixed up by the chef George R. R. Martin called A Song of Ice and Fire book series. 7 Books are planned for the series and 5 have been published. Needless to say millions of copies have been sold. Based on those books is born the hit HBO series Game of Thrones! It is arguably the most popular TV show around and the piracy numbers just confirms that.

If this kind of intro didn’t peak your interest into reading or watching the show, then it’s ok. You’ve got enough material to place a few words in a ‘GoT’ conversation.

Let’s get back to the season 6 finale. NO SPOILERS, but we can’t guarantee the comments are clean.


Fans of this extremely popular TV show will have to wait quite a while till the seventh season is aired. Can’t wait? Well, reading the Game of Thrones books is kind of awesome too (remember Harry Potter?). Some of you may prefer to binge watch all the episodes after the season has aired, Netflix and Chill style. In that case, I really hope that you didn’t get spoiled by that cruel friend we all have who wants to play know-it-all or even worse, that you didn’t get spoiled by your social media (yes, talking about you, Facebook!)

In case you decided to wait for Blu-ray releases of the seasons or you are still catching up with the show, know that we, at Webphile, are praying for you. Spoilers are just …*sniff*… frustrating, wouldn’t you say?

If you have illegally downloaded the episodes, you are a bad person! We frown at you big time! (Sarcasm? Who knows) Well, Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV show anyway, and the season finale didn’t help. It has been winning the Most pirated TV show awards of 2011 (runner up), 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by Torrenfreak.

If you are not much into re reading or re watching the series, because maybe you don’t have time then maybe you will enjoy a beautiful lady telling you about 12 things you probably have missed in the finale? Of course you do! This lady is Jessica Chobot from Nerdist. Check out their YouTube channel, their Game of Thrones playlist and their other cool stuff…


Leave us a comment below, before you go!



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