Rabb.it – The relationship saviour


Let’s talk about rabbits! No, not the cute, fuzzy and super poopers nope. Rabbit (https://rabb.it) is a nice web service which allows you to watch stuffs with your loved ones, a nice movie with your other half on a business trip across the world or your brother studying abroad. For the geeks, know that the rabbitcast (that’s what they call it) uses a blazingly fast US internet connection. It’s all made into a simple, nice, slick user interface! What other nice features are available? Let’s find out (plenty of images and a video!) …

First things first

Create your account, and sign in. Note that you can use the service without registering. Once the initial set ups are done, when visiting rabb.it you will typically see this page. Go to your room to get started. You can bookmark the link to quickly get in your room the next time!


Once in your room, you should see something like this:


Let’s break all those down for you.


  1. To invite your friends (similar to 9)
  2. To decide what to watch by opening the ‘Rabbitcast Lauchpad’ (more about that below)
  3. This one is not a button!
  4. The button for the ‘Rabbitcast Lauchpad’ to start or load a website easily anytime
  5. Button to activate your webcam
  6. Button to activate your microphone
  7. Button to pin your bubble (your avatar or webcam feed) next to the rabbitcast. Basically a bigger you.
  8. To sign out or to access your settings (password change, notifications, webcam and microphone settings…)
  9. To invite a friend. Differs from 1 because here you can invite on your social networks too (facebook, twitter, email…)
  10. To leave a feedback (they do respond!)
  11. Room options like locking your room, hide the bubbles (for a bigger rabbitcast), set full screen etc…
  12. Your notifications (like if someone is requesting access)
  13. Your friend list and if they are online or now and yet another way to invite them or to go to their room
  14. The chat

A few pics…

That is how the rabbitcast lauchpad used to look like (just like in the video down below).


Note the quick links to open Netflix, YouTube, Hulu…

After a recent update, here is how the rabbitcast lauchpad actually looks like:



More quicklinks to websites like Twitch and direct Google search!

Note that when you started a rabbitcast as shown above, a few more options show up next to the rabbitcast launcher button (Number 4- described above).

  • The remote control
  • The volume control (volume only for you, not your friends)
  • Resolution (LD for low definition, SD for standard definition, HD for high definition). Again, this affects only you.
  • The last is a stop sign with a rabbit in it. It shows up only when you have the remote. It’s obviously to stop the rabbitcast.

Here is how a rabbitcast with bubbles ‘on’/ ‘off’ and chat ‘opened’ looks like (Remember you can hide the bubbles to make the cast bigger, or you can even go fullscreen.


Now that you know the basics, maybe you’d like to see a short demo of how it all works…

Note that this was made before the update that changed the rabbitcast launcher. Apart from that, everything is the same.

Rabbit works in normal web browsers but there is also an iPhone app for Apple users and the cast work in the Chrome browser for Android users. You can therefore rabb.it on the go, no excuses!

In a webcast, you are typically browsing as a US citizen, therefore you will be considered a US citizen. Netflix is now international but contents may vary across the world. So be sure to check the US Netflix catalogue in rabbit while it lasts. Similarly access VEVO Music videos on YouTube etc..

We are sure you will love it!


EDIT1: Rabbit has removed netflix from the rabbitcast launcher and blocks access to the netflix website. Other services works normally.

EDIT2: Rabbit changed for the better, they now have an Android app! The interface changed a lot too. Netflix works for US residents. New post talking about it coming up!


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