Music Lovers – Rejoice!

With a large part of the media still public funded, it is hard in Mauritius to get quality content. The 2 private radios of the island, Radioplus (Defi Media Group) and Radio One (Viva Voce Ltd) are doing a good job by offering us with an alternative, but the music sector is still lacking.


We don’t know about you but we were once excited about a certain Music FM (Public Radio) only to be disappointed. The deal breaker was a lack of music only programs. Therefore most of us simply make our own selection of music and put on a pen drive or our phones to play in the car.

Well, this might change now. Some of you may have already heard about it. There’s a new player in the field. It is internationally renowned and popular with youngsters too! For those who don’t know it yet, we present to you NRJ Maurice! It is only available online for now and not over the air yet. (I wonder if the Independent Broadcasting Authority has anything to do with it.) With cheaper and better mobile data packages, this won’t be a problem for the younger generations.


You can listen to NRJ Maurice on their Android / iPhone app or via their website. They are also very active on Facebook. They have a selection of web radios to complement their main radio. Here are some of our favorites: Pure Hits Only!, Nouveauté de la semaine, Hits of the Month, Hits 2000′, and Pour le Sport.


From now on, no more lame excuses! Put some rhythm to your parties and family gatherings.




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