Music Lovers – Rejoice!

With a large part of the media still public funded, it is hard in Mauritius to get quality content. The 2 private radios of the island, Radioplus (Defi Media Group) and Radio One (Viva Voce Ltd) are doing a good job by offering us with an alternative, but the music sector is still lacking.


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Suicide Squad – DC Comics

Suicide Squad – The next big (not) superhero movie


If you are up to date with your superhero TV shows, chances are that you are eagerly awaiting the new movie, Suicide Squad from the DC Universe. The Suicide Squad is basically a group of criminals so horribly bad (like the Joker). Yet a woman manages to make them do heroic stuff. How is that possible, you ask? We sure are intrigued! Continue reading – The relationship saviour


Let’s talk about rabbits! No, not the cute, fuzzy and super poopers nope. Rabbit ( is a nice web service which allows you to watch stuffs with your loved ones, a nice movie with your other half on a business trip across the world or your brother studying abroad. For the geeks, know that the rabbitcast (that’s what they call it) uses a blazingly fast US internet connection. It’s all made into a simple, nice, slick user interface! What other nice features are available? Let’s find out (plenty of images and a video!) …

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