Music Lovers – Rejoice!

With a large part of the media still public funded, it is hard in Mauritius to get quality content. The 2 private radios of the island, Radioplus (Defi Media Group) and Radio One (Viva Voce Ltd) are doing a good job by offering us with an alternative, but the music sector is still lacking.


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The Semi-Low Floor Buses Trend

A shift is occurring in the Mauritian public transport sector. For the good or the bad, we will let you decide. A new kind of bus is slowly replacing our way too old buses fleet. Obviously, the big names of the sector got their hands on the brand new semi-low floor buses first but individual bus companies are catching up.

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Men and their big toys

Island Dynamics’ first post!


Mauritius  is a small island (population of roughly 1.3 million) in the Indian Ocean, neighbour to Madagascar off the East coast of Africa. The island is most famously known for its white sand beaches, azure-coloured sea, as a honeymoon destination or lately as a new tax haven. The island has one major harbour in its capital city Port-Louis on the West, North-West coast. And for that reason, locals of a village called Le Bouchon (South, South-East) woke up with a huge surprise; a massive cargo ship wrecked on their shore!

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