Music Lovers – Rejoice!

With a large part of the media still public funded, it is hard in Mauritius to get quality content. The 2 private radios of the island, Radioplus (Defi Media Group) and Radio One (Viva Voce Ltd) are doing a good job by offering us with an alternative, but the music sector is still lacking.


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Advertisements – The relationship saviour


Let’s talk about rabbits! No, not the cute, fuzzy and super poopers nope. Rabbit ( is a nice web service which allows you to watch stuffs with your loved ones, a nice movie with your other half on a business trip across the world or your brother studying abroad. For the geeks, know that the rabbitcast (that’s what they call it) uses a blazingly fast US internet connection. It’s all made into a simple, nice, slick user interface! What other nice features are available? Let’s find out (plenty of images and a video!) …

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