WEBPHiLE – What is that?

For those of you who don’t already know, Phile is a word that basically means loving. Therefore Webphile = Web loving! But this blog is about so much more… Let’s find out!

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Webphile is where passionate people gather to share what they care about, whether it is related to the news, music, movies, media, games, food, travel, hobbies… Check out the great articles. Take a look at the multitude of web videos handpicked for you or made by us with love. Spread the good word…

Come and share the passion!

Each section of the site has a creative addition to its name. Did you notice? Its all themed around science. But that’s it. The blog is aimed towards everybody.

Let’s now take a closer look at each section so that you can go and explore them and decide which of them are your favourites. You are allowed to love them all.

  • Geek Theorem

Things evolve quickly in the modern world and it is sometimes hard to keep up. Maybe we can help. LCD, LED, Full HD, 4K, Blurays, Netflix… Are you lost already? The Geek Theorem gathers a collection articles explaining those stuff, along with computer-related tips and tricks and a selection of handpicked useful websites and tech reviews. Because some topics are better when seen,  we added a few great videos made by great people. We all have an inner geek in us, some express it more and some less. Let’s awaken the GEEK in all of us!

  • Think Tank Equilibrium

The Think Tank Equilibrium is the place to have thoughtful debates on diverse topics. Let’s learn to have a different perspective on topics that matter. Let’s be critical thinkers, objective and open-minded people. Comment, discuss, and argue respectfully.

  • Food Reaction

The Food Reaction is simply for food lovers. Take a look at what we (tried) cooked while playing chef at home, get tips to better yourself in your kitchen and discover recipes! We also added the best cooking videos from the web and regularly updates them. Try them and tell us all about it! Maybe you could share your cooking experiences with us?

  • Media Evolution

Movies, TV Shows, Music… In the Media Evolution, we talk about what’s hot and what’s not. The latest Netflix releases, the Hollywood’s finest, the best of YouTube and more. Which of your favourite shows are coming back with new episodes and which of them have ended on a climax forever? We’re excited to hear about it all!

  • Gaming Mechanics

Are you a gamer? Avid PC gamer or console freak? Saying the Xbox One is better than the PS4 makes you flinch? Steam, Origin, Ubisoft, EA… sounds familiar? If yes, then Gaming Mechanics is for you. Keep up to date with the latest releases from your favourite franchises, news, tips and tricks and so much more!

  • How-To Algorithm

In this section is gathered a collection of tutorials on various topics for different skill levels. Plenty videos are included in the How-To Algorithm!

  • Island Dynamics

This section covers interesting things going on in Mauritius, ranging from nice places to visit, beautiful pictures and great videos to interesting news. Follow the developments in Island Dynamics.

Want more? Tell us about it below! Chat with the community, find us on your favourite social networks or contact us here. We’re all ‘eyes’!



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